Dr. Jonathan Song Dines At Great Wall

originally posted: 4/25/2007

This past fall, Dr. Jonathan Song was the invited speaker to speak on the Nature Sunshine 2006 TAC China Tour Meeting. Pictured here, is Jonathan having lunch with the group at the Great Wall of China.

To view Dr. Jonathan Song’s slide presentation he conducted for the event in China, please use the links below.

Herbal Medicine Presentation #1

Herbal Medicine Presentation #2

Herbal Medicine Presentation #3

Dr. Leaf Song Featured in anew magazine

Originally posted: 8/3/2006

Dr. Leaf Song was recently featured in anew magazine. The article titled A day in the life of an Acupuncturist by By Vesna Vuynovich Kovach. The full article can be downloaded below.

After the Chinese-born Dr. Leaf realized that “Americans’ bodies tend to be more sensitive to needles,” she developed techniques she was certain would be acceptable to the most needle-shy among us.

“She practiced at home to learn how to maneuver needles so that they would be painless. That’s what makes her different from other acupuncturists,” says her spouse. “She practiced on her own body. And on me and our daughter,” he adds with a laugh.

Dr. Leaf says that in recent years, awareness and acceptance of TCM has come a long way. Still, “there’s a lot we can do. The American diet, stress … people don’t know how much these things affect your health. They never make any connection with their chronic pain or allergies,” she says. “Diet and herbs, properly chosen for the proper effect,” can be powerful tools for health. “You can revive your body and move your energy,” she explains.

Download the Full Article (PDF format - 248k)

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