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It is therefore time to take a step back and rethink the way we even frame the question of whether runescape gold video games cause gun violence. In fact, we actually have things backward rather than wondering whether video games inspire greater acts of violence, maybe we should be asking why we have an environment that promotes violence in the first place, and why we give succor to a media and entertainment industry that sensationalizes rather than reports.
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Ultimately, if we want to reduce gun violence in Western societies, we need to start with serious and balanced reporting of the issues, reporting that will allow us to better able understand the intricate web of factors behind violence in our society. Perhaps then we will be able to foster a more empathetic and informed culture, one more likely to shun violence in any form.

A very good , much needed article. Violence breeds violence. This constant focus on sensational acts can make violence feel almost mundane and just another part of life.distribution, and purchase of such games.It is my strong belief that TV and generally media violence contributes to the VIOLENCE in any society. It is like spam that we can not get rid of because the corporations have more to say than we do .

Video games is advertising of violence and we all know why we are swamped with ads they work and people make piles of money from it . Unfortunately , we are more like monkeys than civilized people that we claim to be so if one monkey beats another one over the head we all get excited and want to get in the act IT IS HUMAN NATURE.

I have argued the correlation of violent video games and the at itude of our young people many times. For my efforts to share my thoughts, I been called stupid, ignorant and a multi tude of other names that I am unable to post.Say what you will, but the young mind is very impressionable and can be altered adversely when continuously exposed to this type of violence.

It can cause a disassociation with compassion, much like what we who went through wars experienced. Back in my youth, the most violent thing we were exposed to was the Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoons, which now have been deemed to violent by the children watch groups. When people see violence and death now, they seem unaffected by it as if were the norm. Why is that ?
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