Leaf is a wonderful and talented acupuncturist. I have been suffering from unimaginable stomach pain for over a decade. I’ve seen several doctors and specialists. Have had couple surgeries and had every test you could think of with an abundance of medications. The pain I deal with is so bad that it sends my into fight or flight mode and last for multiple hours. After many attempts of trying to find help , it has came to the point where there is nothing western medicine can help with my situation. I literally tried and seeked all my options. I was referred to leaf by my mother, I came to her office and talked about my problems and recieved her advice of what she could offer me. Leaf truley cares about how you feel and is dedicated to figuring out how she can help. I started seeing her 2 days a week and also recommended herbs to take. It took about a month to see (feel) any changes. Leaf kept trying everything she could think of and would not give up on me. She kept problem solving and trying all her techniques. She kept encouraging me to not give up that acupuncture takes time and she felt like she could help me. I went to all my appointments and was dedicated on taking all the herbs and plans she recommended. After a couple months of seeing Leaf I have seen a huge difference in my health and my severe stomach issues have changed for the good and now I can live a better life and not suffer as much. Leaf has been a huge impact on my life and health. I still see her couple times a month and I’m religious on taking all herbs. I would encourage doctors and people to reconsider eastern medicine. It had changed my life and I couldn’t be happier. Leaf is truly a miracle worker and cares a lot about how you feel and will do everything to help you. I have all the faith in the world in eastern medicine and suggest that you give it a try and not quit. Thank you for all you have done for my health, Leaf had changed me and I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. Leaf is such s good soul and in very happy I found Beijing Acupuncture

– Cali Wisco

I started coming to Dr. Leaf Song about a year ago and have seen great improvement in my health. Having studied acupuncture in China myself and having been involved in the alternative health field for many years, I can say that Dr. Song is an excellent practictioner. Recently she created an herbal formula for me for weightloss. After using it for several weeks, I have already lost more than 6 pounds. I am happy to let anyone who has had trouble losing weight know about this formula. You should definitely give it a try!

– Shelley Cina

I can’t believe the difference! I feel so much better throughout my entire body, and I’m especially excited that I’m nearly migraine-free! Dr. Song is amazing.

– Dawn Payne