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The Beijing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic has been serving the greater Madison area since 1997. The clinic provides both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments. Working in the clinic are senior acupuncturists and Chinese herbal medicine physicians: Dr. Leaf Song and Dr. Jonathan Song. In addition, acupuncturists Kevin Clark and Naomi Kovelan, and massagist Wei Liang, work in the clinic by appointment. The clinic is the only one in the greater Madison area authorized by the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (Racine, WI) for its acupuncture students participating in the clinic internship, with Dr. Leaf Song and Dr. Jonathan Song as the senior clinic supervisors.
The clinic is equipped with an electronic acupunctoscope, TDP magic lamp, infrared lamps, vacuum acupoint, and more than 300 Chinese herbs/herbal formulas. All Chinese herbal medicines are made from natural flowers, roots, seeds, and leaves, and are widely used. All herbal formula pills and tablets are either imported from China, or produced in the United States (in compliance with the requirements of Chinese Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Products). These herbal formulas have been proven to be effective in treatment of various diseases, such as cold/flu, allergies, digestive problems, diabetics, arthritis, menopause syndromes, aging related medical conditions, and many other ailments.

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Dr. Leaf Song

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